The Wise Woman Circle (Ages 50+)

I believe women's culture to be absolutely necessary sustenance. And yet life can be so...full.

When we carve out time to connect, deepen into ourselves, and listen to ourselves and others speak, our lives take on a shimmer of depth, pleasure, realization, and incredibly satisfying growth.

But doing this in a community of women who're open, who've got your back, and who're in a similar life chapter can be completely life changing. (Because the landscapes of relationship, career, family, money, and spirituality look different at 50 and beyond than they did in other chapters).

Expect to experience nourishing connections and a depth of compassion and self love that will fill your cup to overflowing.

This group is a wonderful place to connect, explore life transitions, ask for support, and feel the value of your own contribution to others---you know, that way of being that's unique to you but feels so good to others...when all you're doing is being yourself.

This group includes individualized support from me plus reflection from the other women, a private session with me, and the opportunity to connect socially with the women in the group.

I have a personal phone call with each interested woman before she joins, so you can ask all your questions, and so you can be sure these are the type of women you’ll be inspired by. Plus, women who’ve done groups with me before often continue on, so that helps us create an extremely warm and welcoming feel right from the beginning.


Thursday evenings every other week from 5:15-7 for 8 sessions.

Location is my home in East Boulder.

Cost: $475

(A non-refundable $100 deposit will save your spot, with the full balance due at the first group).

Each woman also receives a 60-minute session with me to process group events or receive deeper support.

Up to 12 spots available per group. My groups generally fill quickly and have wait lists, so contact me asap with questions or to register.

A word regarding age. A disclaimer, if you will. No, I am not 50+ myself. I do not intend to teach anything about journeying into these decades over 50, since I haven't yet traveled there myself.

However, after running women's groups for over 10 years now, I have had many women of this age group approach me and ask for this. Many of you have been in mothering or supervisory roles a lot and are hungry to be in a room with your peers. Your sisters. So, while this is not a group to teach about journeying (eventually) into sacred elderhood, it certainly CAN be a place to feel, receive support, and explore all the complexity of what it means to be a 50+ woman. THAT is absolutely a process I can hold and guide, even without being there myself yet. Feel free to read more about me here or check out my other groups here. I look forward to meeting you.