Unraveling the Mysteries of Relationship---a Love-Altering Journey for Couples

Is love enough to make it work long-term? How is it that even the strongest love can wear thin under the stresses of kids, careers, and daily challenges? Is there really any solution to our arguments?

The truth is that there’s a lot of skill involved in relationships that last. And those skills help you maximize the love, security, passion, and acceptance you’re seeking.


That’s what this group is about.

Helping you connect deeply.

Providing relief and answers to the most challenging dynamics with your partner.

Seeing and being seen anew again.

Finally feeling understood.

Healing from past hurts.

And preparing you for the rest of your life together---one where the path is clear and the love keeps getting better and better.


As the lifelong learner you are, and as someone who values deep and lasting connection, we invite you to make it a priority to not only educate yourself about the workings of healthy relationships, but to plumb the necessary depths that help your connection feel like an inspiring place to come home to everyday.

Introducing a New Kind of Group Experience...As a Couple

One of the most inspiring and heart-opening experiences I’ve ever had with a partner was to sit down and discuss our relationship with other couples. When we openly talk about things usually left unsaid with other couples who truly get it, entire worlds of possibility get ignited. We see things we didn’t before. We smooth out the rough spots. We get closer. So naturally, I want this for you!

Being welcomed inside another couple’s truths and sharing your own is a privilege that will inspire, open, and awe you.


We’ll meet every week for 10 consecutive weeks. Each week, we’ll bring a new, crucial, and science-backed teaching to your relationship with plenty of time to go deeply into where it is or isn’t working for you. Your connection will grow. You’ll leave each session with new insights, tools, reflections, and opportunities to feel closer and more secure with each other---truly a love-altering journey.


Week 1: Clearing the Path

In our first week, we’ll welcome you to the group and explore personal unfinished business, working to address what’s unresolved so we can clear a path for the deep, loving work in the weeks to come.

Week 2: The Distance that Maximizes the Love

Jealousy, fights, pulling away, and resentment are often the symptoms of a connection struggling to find the right amount of space or the right amount of closeness. We’ll explain the science and help you find the sweet spot where you both feel empowered and met.

Week 3: The Anatomy of Trust

The word “Trust” gets thrown around a lot in relationships, but few really know how to pinpoint exactly what it is. We’ll explain the 7 components of trust and help you heal the places where yours breaks down.

Week 4: The Role of Thirds and Where is Your Attention?

Partnership becomes like a center of gravity for your wellbeing. When it feels secure and strong, you’re able to feel empowered and move freely through the world. But when it doesn’t, it really diminishes your quality of life, so it’s time to consider what might be threatening the bond.

Week 5: Building a Strong Couple Bubble

A strong Couple Bubble is one of the main components of relationships that last. We’ll introduce the 5 ingredients of a strong bubble and go deep with you to help patch any holes.

Week 6: Being Skillful with Needs + Desires

It IS possible to have your needs fulfilled. But it can be confusing to know when to ask for something and when to try to meet your own needs. We’ll explore how you relate to your own needs and then bring them into the relationship in a healthy way.

Week 7: Conflict As a Doorway to Intimacy

Most fights aren’t about what you’re fighting over. They’re about HOW you fight, so learn how to stop looping fights and unresolved issues and instead use the disagreement to actually get closer. Strong couples are ones who know how to create repair after a rift, so we’ll teach you how.

Week 8: Sharing Power + Money + Parenting

Power struggles are often part of relationship, especially when there’s a differential around money or parenting time. We’ll help you find a sense of shared power and healthy collaboration that makes you feel like a strong team.

Week 9: Pandora’s Box: Intimacy, Sex, + Security

How you do sex and intimacy has a major impact on how secure you feel together. Looking into the depths here will show you what’s unconsciously affecting your bond and we’ll work to clear it out to invigorate spark, pleasure, and connection.

Week 10: Love As a Spiritual Path---Your Unique Offering

We believe that when you two came together, your bond created a unique gift---something never before seen that contributes to the world and that’s only possible because you’re together. With loving reflections, we’ll explore the essence of what emerges from your connection so that it can become a guiding light for your relationship.


Still want to know more about each week's theme?

Watch this video, where Guili and I offer a snippet of the education we'll teach about each one.



Unraveling the Mysteries of Relationship is open to 7 couples of any gender or orientation. Each couple will have the opportunity to sit down with us free of charge to ask questions and explore whether this group is right for you. This also ensures that you’ll be inspired by the other couples on the journey.


10 consecutive weekday evenings from 5:45-8:45

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EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT: $995 per couple before deadline ($1275 after)

A non-refundable $250 deposit saves your spot with the full balance due at the first group.


With only 7 spots available, this group will fill quickly. Contact me with your questions or to register.



Your Guides

This group is lovingly created and tended by Laura and Guili. We’ve sifted through the science and put together the most important and love-altering teachings we know of combining our own wisdom with others we’re inspired by including Brene Brown, Stan Tatkin, Bruce Tift, John Gottman, Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and John Bowlby to name a few.


Guili Zavaschi is a Psychotherapist serving individuals, couples, teens, and families with more than a decade of experience. His goal is to guide you to uncover and empower your inner gifts, your interpersonal intelligence, and your capacity to open and embrace life more fully. You can learn more about Guili here.

Laura Blair Irwin is a Somatic Psychotherapist + Couples Counselor who’s been running groups like this for more than a decade. Her goal is to help you have the highest quality of life possible by healing what's in the way of the love, meaning, connection, and clarity available to you.  You can learn more about Laura here.


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