The School of Belonging Women's* Retreat ~ Boulder, CO Theme ~ Belonging/Isolation

*For women and female-identifying people.


You're invited to retreat with us, bathing in the Field of Belonging for a weekend to emerge refreshed, clear, connected, and more whole.

Belonging is our birthright, yet isolation has often been our experience.

We want to feel a part of something. We want to feel attuned to. Seen, heard, and understood. Connected, inspired, and nourished by our connections with our fellow humans. Free to be ourselves.

Belonging is what heals our isolation and our shame. It ushers in oxytocin (the love hormone) and clears out our stress chemistry, brings us directly into the present moment, and helps us see our "problems" through more creative eyes, so we can find solutions through our own inner knowing.

Belonging helps us access our deep well of compassion for ourselves and others so that we can see ourselves with clear vision. When we belong, we see the uniqueness we are, and simultaneously, we feel our own story as universal, relatable, and connected with our sisters.

At this Retreat, we cultivate the Field of Belonging through practicing with the ancient tradition of the Women's Circle---infused with modern-day relational teachings. Rather than "figuring out" or "solving our issues" using our minds, we go deep and feel with our whole bodies;  we use Belonging as the container inside of which to receive guidance, intuition, and insights that help us heal and transform.

In a well-held Women's Circle, we all come from different places, yet we all get what we need.


About the Practices + Retreat

  • During this retreat, you'll learn the Practice of Belonging---how to cultivate this feeling state and how to use it, both to connect with your sisters and loved ones and also to gain precious clarity about your own life. (So in this way, this retreat doubles as a relationship training).


  • The Women's Circle practices involve speaking, listening, and reflecting from the heart and each woman will have choice around how much she engages. (Both introverted and extroverted ways are welcome and respected).


  • The theme for this retreat is Belonging/Isolation, so that's the jumping-off point for our shares, discussions, inner work, etc. However, your journey will be unique---your own process, life content, and insights will emerge organically as we weave our experiences and stories together. Meaning that each woman will come in carrying something different---your marriage, a childhood wound, desire for community or spiritual connection, or anything else that rises up. All of it is welcome.


  • We use boundary-respecting touch, movement, meditation, ritual, and small-group time to integrate, digest, and metabolize our experiences and insights so they can be put to practical use in our lives.


  • There will also be plenty of time for open discussions, questions, and teachings.


  • While each woman's experience will differ, our focus is on cultivating a feeling state of Belonging, so you can expect this retreat to be nourishing, connecting, revelatory, and restful.


  • Important: While this retreat is definitely therapeutic and healing, and while I'm a trained and practicing psychotherapist, this retreat is not therapy. If you're feeling psychologically unstable or if you're going through a major crisis, this retreat is probably not for you at this time. I recommend therapeutic support instead.


  • After the retreat, should you choose to, there will also be opportunities to continue to build community with your fellow retreat goers through establishing regular Women's Circles, which I'll help facilitate.

It's my great honor to retreat with you. Sign-up info is below.


Retreat Details


January 26-28, 2018

  • Friday 5:45-8:45
  • Saturday 10-6 (with a 90-minute lunch break)
  • Sunday 10-4 (with a 90-minute lunch break)


Studio Be Yoga: 1676 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301


$225 prior to January 5

$325 after January 5

There are no refunds. Price does not include food or lodging.

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If you have questions for me (Laura), please fill out the form below or call me at 303.862.2130.

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About Laura

I've been running Women's Groups for over 10 years now and currently host at least 6 groups a month. I cherish the Women's Circle for it's ability to show us who we are, offer precious insights, open our hearts, and create a deep and abiding sense of Belonging that grounds our lives in connection rather than isolation. I'm also a Somatic Psychotherapist + Couple's Counselor in Private Practice focusing on relationships.

For the last 15 years, I've been taking trainings, retreats, workshops, etc. Too many to list. Over the years, I've also offered myself in a leadership role more times than I can count. (My point is that I've got quite a lot of group leadership experience).

The culmination of it all came through last Spring, when I established The School of Belonging, realizing that I could actually teach people how to access a deep sense of connection and use it to heal.

I stand on the shoulders of my many teachers, grateful for the blossoming of my own work, which is of course informed by what I've learned with them in addition to my own process.


If you're unable to make this retreat, but feel called to ongoing Women's Groups in Boulder, CO, click here.