Soul Circle—A Yearlong Women's Tribe

Make it a year of life-changing experiences: new openings, big transformation, and major healing. Feel like you're right where you belong.

Soul Circle provides a place to bring your challenges, your triumphs, your secret feelings, and your longing.  A group that’ll be the catalyst for positive change in your life. A circle of women who see you and remind you how far you’ve come when you can’t see your own progress, or who provide accountability where it’s needed.

This is your year to guide your life from a deeper place. To listen intently to the voice of your soul and to let that guide your actions. It’s your year to finally have a safety net—a community of women holding you and loving you—consistently. A place for you to love you—consistently.

Introducing Soul Circle

We need this. A place to gather. To transform. To celebrate. To say yes to our souls.

Our sacred purpose is to support you becoming more of who you really are and embracing your wholeness.

To support you doing things differently than you have before.

To support you bursting through your previous "ceiling" for how much love, success, and abundance you can handle.

To support you expanding your capacity to connect and to receive.

To support you as you explore your purpose.

To support you in learning about how to use challenge as an ally.

To support you in your relationship to The Sacred.

To support you in befriending your vulnerability and relating to others through it.

Show up weary and overworked. Show up ready. Show up fearfully. Show up in your joy. All of you is welcome here.

Just show up. There is no greater gift to yourself. You’re ready.

Contact me to apply or ask questions.

The Format

We'll meet every other week in the evening from 5:30-7:30 from January to November in Boulder.*

PLUS 4 full-day deep dives from noon-6pm with the invitation to share a meal together after.


Soul Circle is about building a tribe, so we'll meet in my home so you can get to know each other in a real-world way. No offices, no fluorescent lights.

You’ll also have a private Facebook group for between-group shares, requests for support, social invitations, etc.

Additionally, each women in Soul Circle will have a set of partners---women to check in with, practice with, and help you track your process.

*Travel, illnesses, and emergencies do happen, so it's ok to miss some meetings when necessary. Let's discuss the ins and outs of the commitment.

How We Spend Our Time Together

On the weekday evening groups, you’ll share what’s in your heart and be heard. This is your chance to be seen and to get reflection. To bring your challenges, your feelings, your requests for support. To connect and be nourished. Everything in life feels doable with connection and nourishment.

As we deepen, we’ll hit moments of deep connection, but also pockets of challenge or conflict, which we’ll explore with a whole lot of openness and curiosity—but no push. Everything is an opportunity for learning.

We’ll make mistakes. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll explore. We’ll heal.

During the daylongs, we’ll mix ceremony with social time with deep internal work. These immersions will be designed by me based on my deep listening to what I feel your particular group is needing most at each stage of our year together.

Some examples are:

holding council

exploring your relationship to a particular theme that might emerge in the group (such as achievement, vulnerability, sex, power, voice, commitment, etc)

sharing who you were as a little girl

giving and receiving reflections

getting support with a challenge you’re facing

exploring and clearing any relational blockages in the group

sharing your stories

engaging in ceremony or ritual

relational skill-building

Sacred Invitations

Every member of Soul Circle will at some point receive a Sacred Invitation from me. A Sacred Invitation, should you chose to accept it, is something to try on or practice with throughout the year. It's an opportunity for you to explore and make friends with a part of yourself or Life that's either unconscious or undesirable.

Sacred Invitations are designed to offer a way for you to get in the driver's seat and step toward whatever it is you most want in your life---usually by turning over the very stone you'd least expect.


Soul Circle is open to  up to 12 women. There’s an application process to ensure that the women who join are a good fit for the group. This is a group for women who have experience with inner-growth work through your own therapy or other kind of spiritual maturation process.

What you receive:

  • One year of every-other-week gatherings valued at $6,440
  • Four deep-dive intensives valued at $3,360
  • Sacred Invitations---a year's worth of spiritual and evolutionary practices valued at $1,680
  • Partner Relationships and assignments with women in the group so you stay supported and connected---valued at $2,200
  • The Soul Circle Facebook Group---a private lifeline for connection, support and reflection from your sister-members plus me, valued at $800

Soul Circle is valued at $14,480 for a year that will provide a life-changing experience: new openings, big transformation, and major healing.

However, the early-bird discount for Soul Circle is $3,900 if paid in full by December 1, 2016.

After December 1, the investment is $4,200. If you're in need of a payment plan, contact me.

Soul Circle is limited to only 12 women, so reach out now. We'll sit down together so I can answer all your questions and explore whether Soul Circle is right for you.

I can’t wait to meet you and talk with you about this opportunity. Contact me to apply or ask questions.

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