Lyme Disease as a Rite of Passage---A Group to Stay Empowered While We Heal

We are not interested in identifying as "sick people" or in belonging to the club of Lyme, but rather seeking camaraderie, support, and inspiration for the journey.

We are not interested in bonding over our shared misery, but rather, we have a desire to connect through compassionate understanding even while we keep looking for the lessons.

We are not interested in blaming ourselves for getting sick, but we are interested in looking into the true roots of our illness.

We are not interested in affirmations or sugar coating, and we need a safe place to share our stories and feel it all while STAYING EMPOWERED.

We are interested in feeling better. In healing. From the inside out.

Lyme Disease is fascinating because it attacks the places we hold a history of physical or emotional injury. Thus, everyone's symptoms are different. Because everyone's stories are different.

Research shows a profound link between traumatic experience and adult illness. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when we begin to ask questions like, "Why did I get sick and what am I learning here?"

I have found that we can either ask "Why me?" or we can ask "What am I to learn here?"

I believe that when we treat our journey with Lyme as a Rite of Passage---one where we stay curious, ask deep questions, and let it inform and transform us---we heal faster. And we feel better along the way.

And I believe that the medicines and treatments are only part of the answer. The rest of the answer lies in our deep inner healing work and in the connections we make with others who're healing too. We help inspire and empower each other (even when we feel like we're falling apart). These connections make all the difference.

That's what this group is about. Come share your story.

In my experience, the deep inner healing work for those challenged with this illness isn't about pushing, struggling, or thrashing. It's usually gentle, slowed down, and feels good. In other words, this group isn't about summoning your energy to do "hard work" (because you probably have to do enough of that already in your life), but instead finding soothing and healing.


Friday afternoons every other week from noon-1:45 for 8 sessions. This group is currently full but may open up to new members in August.

Location is my home in East Boulder

Cost: $350 (includes listed group times and a private session with me)

(A non-refundable $100 deposit will save your spot, with the full balance due at the first group).

Unlike my other groups, this group is co-ed. And it's open to you at any stage of your illness or healing.

Up to 12 spots available. My groups generally fill quickly and have wait lists, so contact me asap or to register.


I'm Laura Blair Irwin and I'm a Somatic Psychotherapist + Couples Counselor. I'm currently in treatment for Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella, so I know this journey intimately. I especially know that these illnesses are not random in my life. I have felt that healing the emotional-physical wounds that made me susceptible to getting sick in the first place is key to my full recovery. I've been leading groups such as this for over a decade and would be happy to talk with you more. Contact me here.