Your Breakthrough is Upon You...and You Can't Avoid It

Can you feel it? As the seasons change, so do the smells, tastes, sights, and animal sounds. For me, even my emotional landscape changes too.

So far, this early Fall is bringing the awareness that SO MUCH happens without effort. New visions. Inner transitions. A settling in myself with the cooler weather.

Long-held patterns dissolve. Priorities change. New opportunities show up.

I think of the time of seasonal changes as a time of breakthrough.

This in-between time feels like being in a hall of mirrors where suddenly, without trying, you catch a clear but brief glimpse of...yourself.

As in, seeing another layer of YOU yet to be uncovered and lived into.

Let me assure you that even though it was only a momentary glimpse, it was enough. The less-encumbered, more connected Self you saw is in your cells now. There's no turning back.

Your only choice is to let this new self come into being on her own time. Don't rush her.

Use this time to master the uncomfortable in-between place, fully inhabiting the pause between who you've been and who you're nearly ready to become. What you do in this place helps forge the details and textures of the One you sighted.

She will come. She is coming. 

And, please, do set a luxurious place for her at your table. Fresh flowers. Sprigs of lavender. Your favorite pottery dishes. Write her a love note on handmade paper. Whatever will charm her.

Do this metaphorically and literally.

Let her know you're ready. It'll help your broken-through self to arrive gently.

Check in. What do you sense about this breakthrough? Who are you becoming? Write it down. And, because I so dig your breakthroughs, please share it below in the comments.

Rebirth. Transition. Awakening. May you go smoothly.

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To Your Breakthrough,