You Will Confront Your Inner Darkness

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's the darkest time of year. Both inwardly and outwardly.

In this time before the light returns, we see the darkest places in ourselves. We see what hides out in the corners and only comes out when the nights are long. 

Right now, so many are experiencing depression, deep insecurities, loneliness, apathy, anxiety, lethargy, and especially issues around addiction or numbing behaviors. Because now, as we experience our dark places, we also fall into our most shadowy ways of coping.

Shopping, eating, drinking, control, restriction, or whatever else gives us a hit, numbs us momentarily, or (so we think) helps us cope.

Now. Before I get too doom and gloom, let me remind you that the darkness is an ally. It shows us those places that need our loving attention because they're not yet "out in the light" so to speak.

You Will ConfrontYour Inner Darkness.png

They show us where we need support, acceptance, a personal and inner confrontation, accountability, or change, which is why this is the time of year when so many decide it's finally the right time for therapy.

Because yes, as we're in the darkest time of the year, the Solstice is right around the corner. The return of the light is coming. Traction, finally!

How will we use that light? Where will we shine the light of our consciousness, our attention, our love, our acceptance, or our fierce willingness to change?

During these long nights, your inner darkness is revealing itself so that as the light returns you know where to shine it.

What needs to be cleared out, finally confronted, lovingly turned towards? What behaviors, beliefs about yourself, or ways of being is it time to shine a light on so that they can evolve, grow, and transform?

Now is the time, right where you are in the middle of the muck, to have a reckoning with yourself around what needs your attention and where you want to grow.

What are the right resources to support you? Is it time for yoga, meditation, financial counseling, AA meetings, a cleanse, or therapy?

Steer away from resolutions if you can because outward goals often fall away and leave shame and feelings of failure in their wake.

Instead, see if you can look within and find what's deeply true for you in terms of where you'd like to shine the light of your consciousness. Where are you ready to grow? Because when we're talking about inner transformation, it's not a goal with a destination, but more of a process.

So, as you look down the road of that unfolding process, where can you take the first step?

Know that whatever our connection is, I'm here rooting for you either as a therapist, guide, sister, or fellow seeker. I want good things for you.

I'm wishing you and yours the very best. If you know some people stuck in the darkness who need a reminder of the light, use the share button below.