You Will Be Tempted to Go It Alone...

You will be tempted to go it alone.

To just handle it by yourself. Cross it off the list. Just deal.

You'll decide that you shouldn't talk to them about it because they won't understand you.

You'll tell yourself that asking for help can be more work than it's worth. And after all, someone's gotta take care of you and it should be you, right?

You pull away because you're ashamed of yourself, your feelings, and your mess. You say it's because you don't want to burden them with it.

You will be tempted to go it alone.

Don't. For the love of all that is sacred, don't.

Because your heart already knows how to go it alone. The familiar resentment, the unmet needs, the hurt...

Clearly it's not going it alone that your soul is asking to learn. Maybe your lesson is more about inviting someone else to be there with you in the imperfect togetherness of a real, flesh-and-blood, non-Hollywood intimacy.

It's the choice to stay open and to stay in the conversation even when they're not understanding you. It's being willing to extend patience or generosity to them while confronting the part of you that wants to crawl out of your skin and ruuuuuun.

It's asking for help even when you question whether you should need it.

Intimacy is always a risk.

But! When we risk it, we open up the possibility that we'll get what we most want. What we most need.

Risk getting your needs met, being loved in your mess, or being proved wrong that you're a burden. Risk finding out that your power is welcome. Or that those who love you want you to be you.

Intimacy heals. Love heals.

But you have to be there risking intimacy in order to let it transform you.

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Risking it right alongside you,