WE'LL DO IT TOGETHER: Words of Strength for Women in the Wake of the Election

We will not be silenced.

We will not stop. 

We will meet this fully and cry our tears and dance our rage and we will become stronger for it.

We will use this as an opportunity to rise. 

To wake up and acknowledge the work that still must be done (work that people of less privilege than I have been far too intimate with for far too long).

Sometimes love and progress wins over hate in a literal and easy way. 

But sometimes it takes utter and complete dysfunction to wake us right up and ignite our "Hell no!"

To enrage us and break our hearts beyond what we thought possible.

Make no mistake. The rage is fuel. The grief is fuel. The heartbreak is fuel. USE IT. 

Let it be the catalyst for true inner and outer revolution.

DO NOT get apathetic, leave your body, or let this suck your power. If you feel that happening, reach out to me for support.

Breathe deep. Feel your feet. Move the feelings.

May we open our eyes.


May we open our eyes to the depth of pain, hatred, division, and bigotry happening in America and may we act.

Because, women, WE WILL rise.

Maybe not quite in the way we thought on November 9th, but WE WILL.


Because we must.

Remember that this has always been the way of things. We women have always found ways to gather and sing and cry and make art and make change even in the face of things worse than this.

This is our lineage no matter where we come from.

So. Let's take the time we need to we lick our wounds and gather with sisters and process through the layers. And then...

I am here to remind us that we don't need a woman president in order to embody, act, and make positive change.

Our inner power is still our own.

We can comfort the kids who're afraid of getting kicked out and those who're bullied. We can speak up when we hear racial slurs or witness violence. We can help protect the vulnerable. We can tell our stories of sexual abuse and work to end rape culture. We can vote with our dollars and organize to secure rights that might get taken away.

Each of us will have a different place we feel called to serve and that's beautiful.

Now. Most importantly. Lean in for this one...

We can catch ourselves when we become so overwhelmed by it all that we fall into the familiar patterns---those born of the wounds done to women---that have us doubt or dull our power. Or those that have us do nothing.

The numbness, checking out, hiding inside our busy lives, resting on our privilege.

Now more than ever, we have to realize that self care is our highest priority. Because self care is what we do to help us stay awake and engaged so we don't fall asleep.

Now is not the time to fall asleep.

Paying attention these days requires a tremendous inner strength because the truth can feel so absolutely undoing. But when we know the truth, we can begin to feel into where we're called to serve. And so, ironically, it's by taking care of ourselves that we are made able to contribute.

Finally, thank you. To every single one of you whose eyes have read these words. Thank you.

We'll do it together.

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Love and more love,