The Very Best Holiday + End-of-Year Blessings. From Me to You.

May you be gentle with yourself this season.

May you resist and release the have-to's and shoulds about who to invite, what to wear, or how much to spend that compromise your true desires and authenticity.

May you snuggle closer to yourself with acceptance and understanding of your particular neuroses rather than move further away with shame and brittle judgement.

May you find the balance between compassion for the bad behavior of others while also holding your own boundaries with steady openness.

May you remember that stress response is a choice and slow yourself down with deep, nourishing breaths when you need to.

May you listen intently and patiently inside for how much is right for you to drink, spend, eat, share, connect, or indulge. And may you be forgiving when you over-rotate.

May you not harsh yourself for how much this season brings you back to basics, the 101 of living. No, you shouldn't know this already and yes, we need to keep learning.

May you allow all of you to come to the fore. Even the inconvenient parts. And may you adopt healthy, spacious, and un-clenched discernment about when and where and with whom you choose to address these selves of you.

the very best hoiday and end of year blessings.png

Most of all, my dears, may you rest into your inner world. May you celebrate this life by feeling the light of consciousness growing within you. May you feel deeply connected with All That Is.

May you see, finally see, even just for a glimpse, your own beauty. Your right to be here. The strength of your ability to love, to be impacted by life, and to receive the love that's all around you.

May you know your own heart-infused power.

May we all know Love and may we all spread Love.

Take it into your cells. And if you're in a love-spreading mood, send this to your person, your people. Share buttons below to make it easy.

And finally, just for good measure, may you adorn yourself with sparkles or gold or whatever's your thing, and may you feel radiant like the sun.

Love and gentleness,