The Emotions Behind Compulsive Overeating + When You Feel Your Spirit Dying with Erica Mather

Hi Guys!

I've been really excited to bring you this interview with Erica Mather for a while now and it's finally time! Erica's got so much useful experience to share about her past with compulsive overeating and over exercising.

My favorite thing about this interview is how candidly Erica speaks about a journey that's so often obscured by shame. She tells the whole truth and really lays it out there, which I find so inspiring, especially if you've ever struggled with body image.

She discusses her experience of feeling her spirit dying and what specific tools she used to recover. She and I also get into how she learned to identify what was behind her addictive behaviors and what to do with the feelings she found there. Her wisdom is definitely applicable, so have a watch:


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