Ode to Discipline. The Spiritual Practice of Creating Change.

Welcome! We made it! 2017 is finally here.

Let us step into it with our eyes open, yes? With all the consciousness we can muster, saying, "This is my year."

Because my dear, it is.

Let me remind you that you are immensely powerful and that you can create deep nourishment, fulfillment, magic, connection, and abundance this year. And sure, on one level I'm talking about spiritual manifestation but my main point is this:


The discipline to sit down, let yourself dream, give yourself permission to want what you want, and then focus your attention on what needs to happen in order for that to become manifest in your life.

Really do this. Sit down and focus on just a couple things you want to create for yourself this year. Yes, feel free to write all the affirmations you want to, but also think practically.

If you want a new relationship, do you need to work with a therapist to heal and let go of your past partners and whatever else is in the way? If you want financial freedom, do you need to create a plan for eliminating debt and increasing savings that you follow through on?

If you want to feel more spiritually connected, do you need to dedicate yourself to a daily practice like prayer or yoga or meditation? If you want to sleep better, what needs to become non-negotiable so that that can happen for you?

Your focus is powerful.

New year's resolutions don't work because we're not really taught how to diligently work with them every day of the year in order to make change happen.

So what I'm saying to you is this. Recognize that the things you want in your life are yours to have---and in order to fuel your growth, you need to apply a little discipline. Sign up for a class, make time in your schedule, stop doing that and start doing this, and...begin. Begin now.

Begin today. You've got a year (and more) and also life is short. So ask yourself what it actually looks like to create your life more consciously. It's easy to trudge through and let life happen to you and it's also compelling to try to force life to be how we want it to be. If you start to make excuses (even valid ones), stop and switch tracks.

The spiritual discipline I'm talking about is a commitment to yourself and your dreams.

If you don't know where to start, here's a good writing exercise:

These are some of my favorite ways to feel:

These are the things that generate those feelings:

These are my desires:

These are the (few) things I'm going to focus on this year:

These are the first few tasks to get me started focusing on these (few) things this year:

Keep these desires and this focus close to you. That's how things will change---because you're putting attention on them. If you get stuck, don't stay stuck. Reach for help in the form of a conversation with a friend, a prayer, time in nature, or therapy.

You can do this. I'm rooting for you. If you're the type who likes to share your visions with your friends to help add even more energy to them, then share this with them. There's a share button below to make it easy.

Happy new year. This is your year.