It's Relationship Review Time---7 Q's to Consider

Are you feeling the relationship pain too? It seems like there's conflict, chaos, and confusion in the air right now and that our most meaningful relationships are up for review, so to speak.

Marriages feeling fragile. Close friendships suddenly imploding or feeling a new kind of rub that needs addressing. Truth speaking that winds up not going very well despite your best intentions. A mis-match in terms of desires around moving a new relationship forward. Business relationships turning sour.

It's like whatever unhealthy dynamics have been lurking under the surface of our relationships just outside our view are suddenly coming up to the surface to be dealt with.

And whenever we're dealing with potential loss, it can feel like the stakes are high. Because of this,

I invite you to bring a high level of attention and consciousness to your relationship review process.

  • Is it time to ask the big questions around which relationships are worth the work and which are reaching a time of letting go?


  • What boundaries might need to be put in place to support you to show up more fully?


  • Do you feel called to take a good, honest look at whether your relationships are actually nourishing you in their current form? What might need to change?


  • Do you see inequalities around how much time, energy, love, consciousness, etc you're investing versus how much they are?


  • Are all parties willing to extend curiosity, generosity, and listening to each other until you're able to reach mutual understanding?


  • Do you have a shared vision and want the same things?


  • Are you prepared to atone for the mistakes you've made with your loved ones?

Asking big questions like this can be scary and confronting---but also incredibly brave.

Perhaps the most brave thing you can do is to commit to not struggling alone.

This is your quality of life we're talking about. Commit to not struggling alone...because that just makes whatever it is you're dealing with even harder.

  • Reach out to your friends and be honest about what's really up. We've all been there.



  • Finally, and this one can't be stressed enough, hire a professional. It's an incredible relief to put your difficulties in the hands of someone else who can help you see clearly and create positive change, even after just one session. Seriously, support feels so good!

And speaking of, I have good news! Finally, a year and a half after being bit by a tick, doing so much to heal from Lyme Disease, and having a packed-to-the-gills client schedule, I'm ready to take on new clients again!

I'm opening up to welcome 3 new couples or individuals into my Psychotherapy + Relationship Coaching practice! But it has to be the right fit, so let's do a free session to make sure we can make immediate progress through working together, ok? (I work with clients all over the world, so it doesn't matter where you are!)

It feels good to be opening up again. And it's good to be back. I love to serve. :)

Lots of love,