In Full Reverence of YES

Every single time you say yes to something...

To date a certain person. To commit to an intention for your year. To put your energy toward a project. To agree to do a favor. To do the work you do. To invest your funds in whatever it is.

Every single time you say yes to one thing, you say no to many others.

Yes is a pivot, a narrowing. A precision that says no to other things in favor of focus. Yes celebrates the energy required to offer yourself fully to the thing you're saying yes to.

But how many of your yes's are full-bodied and truly willing? Because if you're yessing out of obligation or a general meh-flavored disrespect for the brilliance of your own focus and effort, life will give you that meh flavor in return. You'll miss the excitement of a true and open yes and the power of its fulfillment.

Say yes to getting better at saying yes.

Which does mean you'll also get better at the loss that comes with it.

If you commit to monogamy, in order to receive the many gifts of it, you may need to grieve opportunities to be with other people. In order to say yes to feeling fully passionate at work, you might have to narrow your focus to just your perfect little niche, and therefore let go of a whole bunch of other little things that you'd also love to do, but not quite as much.

If saying a clear yes or a clear no freaks you out, keep practicing. Because there's just nothing like the clarity that comes along with knowing you're spending your time, energy, resources, and love in exactly the right places for you.

Yes to this. No to that. Watch your life light up with clarity.

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Yes to clarity,