How to Embrace Taking Space Apart

You know how when you travel and get away from home, it's like a breath of fresh air? New insights come in, you experience unique openings, see things you didn't see before, and it just generally refreshes your creativity? Ah, e x p a n s i o n....

Or how when you've been cooped up in the house all day, and you finally get out and your breath deepens, and it was just so good to get out of the house and experience a change of scenery?

Or how, when you spend a much-needed day with yourself nesting or reading or writing or even just catching up on stuff, you can reconnect, feel your heart more, and feel recharged?

Or how, maybe one day you're busier than usual or maybe you're traveling apart from your partner and when you reconnect, the energy between the two of you feels more fresh and alive? Your hearts are more open?

These are all examples of the medicine of space. Sometimes space away from home, work, technology, or your partner feels more deeply nourishing than being invested, near, and in. You need a dance between both.

Periodic space can provide the necessary gift of expansion, especially in your relationships.

Space is a great clarifier.

Taking space apart and sometimes even without communication has the very same effect as cleansing our bodies, sage-ing our home, de-cluttering our space, lighting a candle, or traveling. And it's just as sacred.

It clears the energy. It freshens everything up and brings in new, alive energy that actually feeds the connection. Space provides an opportunity to let go of your grip on things you might be holding on to a little (or a lot) too tightly so that your real priorities can come into focus.

It offers time to get clear on how you actually feel so you can bring that wholeness and honesty back into the connection. It reminds us of what we really want and whether we're living in integrity with the direction of our desires.

Space offers us an opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves, the divine, and the source of our inspiration.

In brand-new relationships, the quality of connection tends to be electric, fun, and opening. Expansive. Because it hasn't yet gotten dusty, cobwebby, or like wallpaper fading into the background---something you're used to seeing every day so much so that you don't even notice the intricacy or beauty of it anymore.

Our connections need maintenance and cleansing not to become dusty or cobwebby. Sometimes, that means space.

Sometimes it takes space to see with fresh eyes, new sight and to see what needs to be cleaned up and tended to. Yes, when you take space, you may not just freshen up, but you might also begin to see where the connection is wearing. (This is the part about taking space that can feel threatening).

Because yes, taking space provides clarity and sometimes what's there to see isn't pretty.

But what's true is true whether you're willing to face it or not. If you don't take any space or look directly at the stuff that's hard to see, it'll slowly eat at you and erode everything in its path.

If you do look at it, however, you still have a chance to take in that clarity and bring it back into the relationship in a workable, transformative, and yes, hopefully electric way.

Take the space. And encourage your connections to stay clear too: hit share.