Yoga for Better Sex

I'm so over-the-moon excited to be writing and teaching about sex!

This topic matters to me so much.

Have you ever been in a relationship where the love making becomes rote, prescriptive, disconnected, dull, infrequent, or only momentarily satisfying? Or where you just know it could be better?

Ouch. I have. It's painful. But we tend to suck it up and not talk about it, except with our partner. It's hard to know how or IF there's an out for this kind of death-sex.

Contrast that with the idea that sex can be ecstatic, transcendent, connective, pleasurable, and nourishing.

All at the same time.

But how do you create this kind of sex life? And how do you move out of the death-sex sometimes common in long-term relationship?

It's an inside job.

healing conflict and betrayal
healing conflict and betrayal

In other words, it's unlikely that new techniques, positions, or partner-based strategies are going to work for the long haul.

Instead, it's all about aliveness in your own body and learning how to recognize it, grow it, and share it.

Aliveness dulls with codependence, too much work, feeling abandoned or engulfed, shame, not feeling safe or gotten or heard, betrayals, stress, and a host of other things.

Since aliveness is a body experience and not something you can create with your mind, most sex-rescuing techniques don't work.

This Sunday (the 21st), I'm leading a yoga workshop called Yoga for Better Sex as part of The Yoga of Love series.

Yes, yoga. Because if you're going for ecstasy, transcendence, connection, pleasure, and nourishment, you've got to learn these things in your body, not just in your mind.

I'm going to start with the mind, however, and teach the 7 keys to this kind of very alive love making, because before you know how to embody this, it helps to deeply understand it.

Then, we will practice embodying each of these 7 things in our yoga practice. Learning to generate and feel them in your own body is what will allow you to bring them into the bedroom and create real deepening and change.

I hope you'll join me, either alone or with a partner.

You can get the details here for Yoga for Better Sex. This is a very popular topic, so pre-register to save your spot! No yoga experience is necessary.

This is my last workshop in 2014, so don't miss it.

With lots of love and DEEP excitement for this work,