Love Yourself in a Deeper, Truer Way

A friend recently gave me a piece of her art. It contained the words, "love yourself in a deeper, truer way." The next morning, I sat with a client who's making strides in her process to peel back her wounding in order to cultivate a core of self love at the center of her.

She shared how she's learning that loving herself is so much deeper than just acceptance, just saying nice things to herself here and there.

It's something she begins to actually feel when she puts a hand over her heart and connects with herself.

That day I was with yet another client who is loving herself through embodying the truth that even though she was encouraged to stop being a ballerina and become a gymnast instead, that's not who she is. She's a ballerina.

love yourself deeper
love yourself deeper

To love yourself is to stay listening to the whisperings of your soul and to be willing to say yes to what you hear.

Especially when what you hear surprises you. Or when it makes no sense whatsoever.

You might hear something that will upset your family. You might hear something that will contradict your carefully crafted identity. You might hear something that will take time you think you don't have or seem otherwise useless.

You are blessed to hear anything at all in a culture full of people who've forgotten how to listen. Do not take it for granted.

Let yourself be drawn to visit Guatamala, to research gravity, to learn a language, to wear brighter colors, to make art, to put words on a page, to grow plants, to put your hands on the earth, to sit around a fire, to speak out loud to yourself.

Let yourself stretch your ears in order to listen in a deeper, truer way. You might just hear love whispering to you, speaking in a language you barely understand, saying, "This is how I want to be loved."

Ears open,


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