Your Anger is Good For You...If You Do it Right

I'm angry. I've been angry for almost a week now. The internet at my house is down. Dealing with technical issues like this is one of the quickest ways to get my blood boiling. Over the top.

My achilles heel. I have no idea why, but man do I get overly frustrated finding myself in a seemingly endless loop of malfunctioning technology and poor customer service.

Just thinking about it right now has my pulse quickening.

At least once every couple days, I hear someone diss anger. "I tried not to be angry," "Anger isn't productive," or "Yeah, I was kinda mad, BUT..."(onto something else).

I'm shocked by how prevalent this is! And how people don't even know they're doing it. This is a problem.

So I'm here to stand up for anger.

Because I believe it's important. Not just because I'm a champion of feeling your feelings, but because I believe healthy anger can actually help us.

Healthy anger can pave the way to our empowerment. Here's how.

woman anger
woman anger

First of all, anger is often a natural response to a boundary violation. It's how we know something isn't working for us. If we write off our anger, then we're generally telling ourselves that we need to just be ok with having our boundaries crossed.

What? Not a very empowering message.

But if instead we validate our anger and make it right by simply accepting that we feel angry, not only is that really self loving, but it also gives us the chance to exercise our empowerment.

Perhaps you need to say "NO" to something. Maybe it's time to make a change. Or perhaps you need to make a request.

At the very least, anger lets us know that something is important to us. (For me, having my internet down lets me know that staying productive and on schedule with my work is very important to me).

These are all ways we access our empowerment and create our lives in ways that genuinely work for us. You're entitled to that.

You're entitled to feel how you feel. To make changes. To speak up for yourself. To change what's not working for you. Yup.

So try it. The next time you find yourself angry, don't write it off. Stay with it and let it move through you.

See if you can stay with it long enough for it to shift into empowerment. It'll only do this if you welcome it rather than pushing it away or trying to rush it.

And leave me a comment below! Has anger been useful to you in the past? Or have you feared it? Let me know what you think.

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Here's to your empowerment,


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