Balm For Your Broken Heart

crying eye
crying eye

What if I told you that this heartbreak, exactly as it's happening now, isn't because you fucked up somehow, should have known better, or measured up short? What if it wasn't the wrong partner, the wrong time, wrong, wrong, wrong? What if instead this is a gift? The exact perfect circumstances for The Universe to deliver you This Learning, the one you could receive no other way, if you're willing to listen. Would this pain be worth it to you if you got your life out of it? If this became one of those life-defining moments you look back on and credit your success to?

The worst heartbreak I ever experienced lasted a year and a half. It was devastatingly hard and painful. I'll spare you the gory details here, but looking back, I'm surprised I ever got off the couch.

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I let my heart break so fully and completely that it broke open. In it's bleeding, raw state, it revealed to me my life's purpose (you're looking at it!). It showed me the incredible spectrum between fragility and resiliency that exists inside my own heart.

And it also made it so that I can no longer take for granted the amazingly beautiful gift it is to open my heart yet again and be willing to love and be loved after I've been so completely broken. The voltage my heart is now capable of amazes me. When my heart is open, it feels like it could light the world---and like it could heal anything that ails me.

Surrender. Let yourself break open. And please, leave me a comment here to let me know how it feels.